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Magical Moments DJ is a young company started in February 2004, but the owner RJ Scott has been a DJ since 1986. I bring talent, excitement and energy to each and every show.  My experience is one of the keys to helping you design your reception to make it personal.  Magical Moments DJ prides itself in working with the bride and groom to make the reception a once in a lifetime event.

But what's most important for you to know about us is that we work for you. We will sit down with you to assure that your reception is exactly the way you want.

The requirements for what it takes to make a GREAT party are the standard at Magical Moments DJ.   The attention to detail cannot be missed!

  • We provide you with pre-planning meetings
  • Planning sheets to keep you organized
  • Set up before your guest arrival
  • We host the entire evening
  • We coordinate all the events
  • We can make any necessary announcements
  • We will work with the caterer so dinner is served while it's hot and fresh
  • We will ensure the toasts happen and the speakers have a microphone
  • We will make sure everyone knows the cake cutting is happening
  • We will work with the photographer about the logistics of the first dance, father/daughter dance, and any other elements, to ensure your photographer gets the best shots
  • We will handle the entire evening so you can relax and enjoy!

Magical Moments DJ will work to make your event WORRY FREE!

Can other DJ services say the same thing?  Many wouldn't know what to do to make these things happen, because they set up during dinner, or leave the dance altogether during dinner.


Why I do what I do

by R Jay Scott

How Important is Entertainment for your wedding?

I’ve been helping brides and grooms for years, plan their wedding reception, and create an evening that’s all their own.  Still, I get people that wonder....How Important is the Entertainment? Let me ask you….How important are the memories?  Stop for a moment and imagine your wedding day.  Imagine what it will be like with your friends and family there, sharing the biggest day of your life…What do you want to remember?  What do you want your guests to remember?  I know, EVERYTHING.  But look at it realistically, most of your guests will remember the wedding itself and how much fun they had at the reception.  As good as the dinner will be, (we all love good food)  they probably wont think about the vegetables served with the….”what was it again?  Chicken?” two years from now.  And they wont remember all the songs either.  But they WILL remember all the fun they had!  I have seen it time and time again. I might never have thought about it, except I became a Wedding DJ Entertainer and realized how important my job is to the success of YOUR day.…..

So I wanted to be BETTER than the average DJ.  I wanted to do all those things that will help to make a special day even more special.  I didn’t want to waste a Saturday night, going thru the motions.  I wanted to focus on the IMPORTANCE of what I was doing and try to be better.  The money was good, but it wasn’t making me rich.  So I had to find other reasons to make what I was doing worth while.  There is a little bit of insecurity in all the DJ’s.  We all like the warm fuzzies of hearing what a good job we do.  But I wanted more.  Not more accolades, more reasons to be better.  Have you been to wedding receptions?  Have you noticed the DJ?  Do you remember having a good time?  What made the reception fun?  I have seen some DJ’s going through the motions.  They literally stand there and play music.  No interaction, no talking.  I wonder what they get paid?  Because they aren’t worth much to me.  I have also seen interactive DJ’s, and ones that have really gotten the crowd to enjoy the night.  Those are the ones I think are good. 

So I wanted more.  I worked for four different DJ companies, and through the years I found things that they did that were good.  But each one still had little things that weren’t as good as I thought they could be.  So I started my own company.

I had been thinking about it for a long time.  I finally took the risk, and with the approval of my beautiful wife, Magical Moments DJ was born in February 2004.

One important factor in making your day more special is HOW I do it, not what I do.  Many DJ’s can say they do “it” or have “it.  I maintain that it’s about HOW you do it, along with what you do.  And that is one of the biggest questions I would like to answer for you.  We can get together, for a no-obligation meeting to explain how Magical Moments DJ can make the difference between a good time and a BLAST! 

I’m still not rich, BUT I’m having a GREAT time, helping folks organize a wonderful reception.  One that will make the memories last.  And I would love to help you make your reception MAGICAL!

Have a BLAST!  Making your next event MAGICAL!  

Magical Moments DJ!


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