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Magical Moments DJ is a full service mobile DJ Entertainment Service.  We are ready to host your next event.

Many people have questions about how to choose the best DJ for their event.  Here are the answers to many commonly asked question about DJ's.

Should a DJ be Experienced?

Yes.  But a good DJ doesn't need experience and an experienced DJ isn't always good.  Experience gives a DJ something to draw from other than raw volume!  There is a learning curve which is only mastered by having experience but TALENT doesn't come from experience.

I have worked in the DJ entertainment business since 1986.  I have worked for 4 different DJ companies, as a DJ Entertainer, Equipment Manager and General Manager.  I have performed all over the Twin Cities and southeast Minnesota.

Can a DJ do a good job is he/she lets the music do the talking?

I don't think so.  People expect to hear music from the DJ.  It's what you do with the music and between the music that counts.  HOW a DJ handles the evening is an art form.  If the music is paint, then the DJ's personality is the paint brush.

How much does a DJ's personality matter?

The DJ's personality is very important.  Is he/she someone you get along with?  Meet with the DJ.  Get the feel of how they will "put it together" for you.  I've seen young good looking DJ's sitting behind the DJ equipment all night, and older ones with lots of energy.  Others don't even realize what the dance COULD be.  Good DJ's have something inside them that drives them toward entertainment.  I will meet with you and together we can create magical moments.

All the DJ companies say they can do a "better" job.  How do I know which ones are better?

They will tell you what you want to hear.  Or at least what they think you want to hear.  And some of them will do a fine job.  My question is; do you want things to be fine, or FANTASTIC?  I've been making memories with brides and grooms for more than 20 years!

Remember, they want your business.  I want your trust!  I genuinely care about your wedding, and I want to ensure that your wedding is personalized and professional.  I remember my wedding and we wanted everything "perfect."  It's a once in a lifetime event!  Magical Moments DJ is ready to be there and support your vision.  We can make a difference.  Call us to find out how!

So what makes a DJ good?

Energy.  Love of music (all the music, not just some kinds).  Charisma.  Animation.  Doing what YOU need.  Being a host.  Directing the evening so you can enjoy it, right along with your guests.  Friendly.  Courteous.  Knowledgeable.  Dare I say throw some talent in there too?

I also believe it helps to have acting/theatrical experience.  I've been involved in college and community theater since 1977.

I am trained and experienced in Public Relations.  I received my formal training in 1982 and I have been in the public relations field ever since.  Having an understanding of the art form we call mobile entertainment doesn't hurt either!

But most of all a good DJ LOVES what they do.  Having fun!  Fun with the guests, fun with the music, fun with the events.  It's not rocket science, but not just anyone can do it well.

Why should I spend money on a good DJ for my wedding?  Wouldn't it be better to put any extra money to other parts of the wedding?

While the entertainment budget for your wedding is one of the smaller items, it is one of the biggest memories that people will take away from it.  The comparatively small price difference between a budget DJ and a quality DJ is well worth the cost. 

Did you know?

Statistics show that, when asked, 75% of guests remember the entertainment!  They remember if they've had a great time dancing, listening to music, & watching the Bride & Groom have fun!!


Even though all the other things are factors in making a great wedding, The DJ provides the fun and that is the key element to a successful reception and is one of the biggest things that people will talk about long after itís over.

I can guarantee that the food at any wedding Iíve been to has NEVER saved the day!

A lot of Brides & Grooms do not realize how the entertainment at their reception effects everything else.  For example: The bride & groom go all out for their wedding day. They get a photographer and a videographer with the intentions of having those professionals capture the beautiful & fun memories. If the entertainment that you selected is not fun or stimulating for your wedding guests, will there really be anything special or memorable for them to catch on film or video?? Not very likely.  The entertainment can be one of the most important choices for your reception.  Magical Moments DJ knows this, and we are dedicated to making the entertainment the best it can possibly be!

However important that fact may be, over my experiences and 20 years of entertaining, it never ceases to amaze me that people are willing to compromise when it comes to the cost of their entertainment. Did you know that weddings can cost as much as 20,000 and even 30,000 dollars on average?   Yet, the ďeducated consumer" tends to shrivel up at the price tag for their music  ...Statistics show that Brides & Grooms invest about 45% of their budget on food, 30% on wedding attire, 15% on flowers, and only 2 to 5 % on the DJ which equals up to about $400-$1000...why is that?? When you look at the big picture. Itís interesting to think about...especially if we are considered the "Make or Break" factor for one of the most unforgettable day/nights in your life!!


My wedding packages begin at $750.00 and range all the way to $1500.00.  We can tailor the perfect package for your special day.

If youíre still not convinced why you should pay a fair price for a professional, think of this:

There are many times that certain wedding professionals are above the bride & grooms budget....sometimes even by a small fraction.  But, if you are confident with the service, isn't a couple extra dollars worth PEACE OF MIND?  Remember, you ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!! This rule applies to anything in life.

Hopefully something said here helps you make a vital decision needed to make your day a complete success. HOW IMPORTANT IS THE ENTERTAINMENT???



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